5 reasons you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans

skinny jeans

Guess you want to buy skinny jeans and you are looking for their disadvantages? A little sigh around this augments 5 reasons why skinny jeans can’t be worn.

People love to wear something so tight to fit in the societal trend. Society has built and shaped certain individuals to live a certain lifestyle that is not of help to them. The labelling theory stags how society labels everything a person does, posing it as good or bad.

The current idea holds that society is a means of social control which many people tend to abide by. Wearing skinny jeans is not wrong, sometimes a whole dress should suit you.

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Embrace the feeling of serenity after eating something delicious so as wearing skinny jeans. Although, the skinny jean is not good for skinny guys or girls, nevertheless, it stands as good feet for some clothing. Wearing too loose jeans can cause so many problems for its user because it is not demanded. Mild jean (not too tight and not too loose) is ok to make your day adorable. Balance an equation that spreads out the fact that skinny jeans are bad.

Many people nailed skinny jeans because of many reasons best known to them. An idea stalls around the fact that we can’t be one, everybody can’t love the same thing and act the same way, if this happens, the world is so boring to live in.

All individual’s lifestyles tend to shape one another, we must abide by and quantify our resourcefulness to make the world look better.

skinny jeans

Skinny jeans with buggy sneakers and a moderate shirt stags a kind of fashion sense that earns you respect within the society. Many people do wear this cloth combination, it fans out your handsome-looking self.

Take a walk around the street to see how people dress in skinny jeans. Many times sneakers and caps are worn to better the look of the cloth when worn. Plan on going to the club tonight? Chill out with a cold wine on your new dress that sparks some sense. Take a roll to see how sweet the tight jeans are but never stretch your leg too much because you may fall.

Skinny jeans for a buggy lifestyle

Clothing style often reveals our true self and portrays how we better society. The list below contains a series of tops the skinny jean can go out with.

Skinny jeans plus turtle neck with black blazer and heels: This is perfect to suit a professional business meeting. This dressing style is going to change your look and your physique making your words feel different from others.

Oversized Double Breasted Jacket: A specific dress made purposely for skinny jeans is presented under this guise. This awesome top will make you glide in happiness after wearing it.

Colorado String Bodysuit: This is a sweet bodysuit that is going to fit in perfectly with your skinny jeans. This can be worn to attend seminars, I bet an instant eye fix on you.
With the shortlisted pattern of dressing, a little change of mind is trying to set in for you to get new skinny jeans. Calm down as a reveal to you the reasons you shouldn’t wear skinny jeans.

5 reasons not to wear skinny jeans

  • Around for too long: one disadvantage of skinny jeans is that it has been trending for a long period of time, it’s styling system it’s old. Why don’t you try a new trend that is ready to wow people? Try to wear jeans with a sound top to give it a perfect aura.
  • Fitting: This should be an advantage, but it stands as a disadvantage to all jeans users. It involves forcing yourself into the jeans and also, forcing yourself out of them. This is another highly alarming disadvantage for skinny jeans, but innovation has to be made.
  • Comfortability: raise your legs into the mid-air to feel how pressured you will be. It doesn’t give free space for stretching, thereby a person can fall, if he tries to cross a wide-spaced area.

Environmental pollution: skinny jeans promote environmental pollution during their production. Managing of resources and proper hygiene should be put in place

Skin irritations: This holds on to how tight the jeans are. The tight jeans will restrict the flow into the body and there cause heavy perspiration.

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